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Community description:For fan-made videos in the Merlin fandom

made by nedyah_sn

This is a community for videos about/relating to the BBC television show Merlin.

While the majority of posts will be for videos, people are also allowed to request help/resources. I would appreciate it if the resources posts are made Members Only.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Contact the mod: -OR- This Post

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Community Rules
1. When posting, use this format(or something similar):

2. Please place embedded videos behind an Cut. (For information on how to do an Cut, see here : Cut)

3. Do not link to locked/friends only entries.


5. Do not steal clips from another vidder’s work. If it is found that you have done so, you will be banned. If you want to know where to get something, ask.

6. Rec'ing a vid: Video recs will be allowed under the following conditions:

a)The person rec'ing the vid MUST NOT take credit for the vid, please state who really created it.
b)Please link to the original creator's LJ post or YouTube post - wherever or however it's been put out there so that comments can be given to the creator.

Tagging rules for vid recs are located below.

If a vid of your own has been rec'ed here and you do not wish it to be, please let me know by contacting me here.


I am partially borrowing the tagging system from merlinxarthur on LJ. When you are posting for the first time, please use the “1st time posting” tag. I will assign each artist a name tag which you are to use for each post after that.

Also, please use the "pairing" or "character" tag that fits your vid. If there isn't one, then one will be created.

This will make it easier for people looking for any specific vidder’s work or for vids about a certain pairing/character.

If you are requesting help, use the “help” tag. If you are requesting resources or giving resources, use the “resources” tag.

If you are rec'ing a vid, please use the 'vid rec' tag as well as the pairing or character tag that is appropriate.

If you would like to request a specific tag, say so in your post and I will create one (if it’s appropriate)

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